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What we know about Apple new iPhone 12 and brand-new Apple iPhone 12 Pro at this moment, all leaks

Guy named Joon Proser from the channel on YouTube called “Front Page Tech” is a new face on the arena of Apple leaks scene, but he has some good and related leaks, but all these leaks were about other mobile brands through years so that we can use his words as a good source. He did many good track records about apple products, including release dates, product names, and code names, and they revealed it to everyone. Of course, you need to remember that 100% of the information we can know only from the company Apple’s official announcement.

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Youtube channel called “Everything Apple Pro” with Max Weinbah just said that the new iPhone 12 probably would have 120hz ProMotion display, it looks like absolutely truth

As we know from the YouTube, Joon Proser saying information that there is an internal problem which he can’t say, actually its small internal conflict with ProMotion display, it depends on the battery. Also, there is a chance that a new display will switch from 60 to 120hz, which connected with actual user actions.

Joon Proser reports information about the simplest iPhone 12, which have 5,4 and 6,1 models got display Super Retina OLED, production concern – BOE while Samsung will make the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max’s displays. These OLED Super Retina XDR displays will use ProMotion and 10-bit color depth support. (sounds amazing)

Whole line of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro models would now have minimum hard-drive of 128GB where the simplest iPhone 12 models will now have 4GB RAM and the Pro models will use 6GB RAM.(every year iPhones become really better)

When the iPhone 5,4-inch and 6,1-inch will be made of Aluminum and will use Dual rear-facing cameras and price will start from 649 USD. (as we know 50 cheaper than the iPhone 11 on last year)

When high-lvl iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max is produced from Stainless steel and all will have Three-rear cameras with a special LiDAR sensor. You could but the base iPhone 12 Pro with price of 999 USD. When the iPhone 12 Pro Max, probably will be selling at 1099 USD.

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