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Using TOR Browser in 2020: Is It Safe?

Internet users loving anonymity and privacy usually prefer using the TOR browser to stay hidden from the governments and greedy marketers. So what about the TOR browser makes it so interesting and private? We are going to discuss some of the technicalities below.

The legality of TOR

There is nothing criminal in using TOR. The only reason why the software exists is to provide users with anonymity while they are surfing the web. Anonymity will never be something illegal. Tor is a good choice for people who do not want huge corporations to spy on them. Tor gives you more anonymity than a regular browser but it won’t make you completely invisible. You won’t be able to commit a crime online and escape justice by using Tor. 

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Nonetheless, the use of the browser itself is definitely not a crime.

Is Tor safer than other browsers?

Due to its anonymous nature, the Tor browser is definitely safer than many other browsers. However, it is not impenetrable and 100%-secure. It is still an application with vulnerabilities and it connects you to the most dangerous place in the world — the internet. The application itself is absolutely safe and will not harm your system. 

Mike Zoldan | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

Installing the browser

– Search for the Tor Browser Bundle and get the distribution package with your preferred language.
– Launch the executable after you download the file and follow the prompts of the installation process.
– Launch the browser upon completion of the installation process.

Installing the browser on MAC

– After downloading the bundle in your preferred language, save it to any folder you like.
– Open the .dmg file and after the completion of the verification process move it to the apps folder.
– Launch the browser.

Mike Zoldan | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

Using the browser

After you launch it for the first time, the configuration wizard will guide you through the first steps of the process. You will need to connect Tor to the internet manually. Check your current location and IP address by going to If your geographical position does not match your IP, the connection was successful and you can use the browser.

Note that Tor is not the same as a VPN. Tor is a browser that encrypts data and makes it useless for third-parties that may intercept the data package. However, you can use it with a VPN service in order to increase security and make your privacy even more protected from spying eyes. 

Using both VPN and Tor simultaneously makes you practically untraceable. However, you will still be not completely invisible. For example, your VPN provider might know your exact IP address as well as other important details like which ISP you use. 

Mike Zoldan | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

Dark web and Tor

The dark web is the part of the internet not indexed by search engines like Google and Yahoo. While it is not necessary that websites on the dark web contain illegal content, the vast majority of them do not have anything interesting for casual users. 

You will need special software like the Tor browser to access websites that are situated in the deep corners of the dark web. While it is not really a big deal and you can access some websites without a Tor browser, it is strongly recommended to use it in order to maintain safety and anonymity. 

Prepare to surf

When using Tor, it is a good idea to disable JavaScript to ensure that your browser is completely safe and won’t be used as a gateway for malicious software and viruses that are abundant in the dark web. 

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