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TOP 4 Spyware and Adware Detection Solutions in 2020

There are many threats that may really hinder your online experience. However, you can definitely improve the situation by using spyware detection software and prevent other people from spying on you while you are enjoying a healthy session of web surfing. Below are our TOP4 best spyware detection tools.

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We decided to choose 4 really interesting programs that are relatively cheap or free and have good anti-spyware features.
1. Spybot S&D. Here S and D stands for “Search and Destroy”. The program hunts down spyware. It is a very effective program that has been bathing in popularity recently. While you shouldn’t rely only on Spybot S&D, it is a great standalone solution. It is recommended to run it together with an anti-adware solution such as Ad-Aware. The greatest thing about Spybot is that it’s free.
2. SpywareBlaster is a prevention tool that will protect your PC before it gets infected with a spying program. While it is not designed to scan your system for threats that already exist, it is a good weapon against cyber threats that you may encounter while browsing websites.
3. XP-AntiSpy is an outdated yet still usable system component for Windows XP. It can detect old school viruses and cyber threats as well as spyware. The only problem is that the architecture of the program has not been updated with 2015. It means that the program works and still can be activated on modern Windows machines, but its effectiveness is not confirmed for contemporary threats.
4. X-Cleaner is a tool used to wipe temporary internet files and cookies. However, it will also detect software packages that are often used by spyware developers and remove them upon discovering. The app is free and can be used without licensing. It has not been updated since 2018 but some internet users believe that it is still very effective.

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