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The Best Privacy and Security Apps for Android

A smartphone in the 21st century is an integral part for many people who simply cannot imagine their life without this device. This is not surprising since smartphones currently have enormous capabilities and a large number of functions.

The flip side of the coin is that cybercriminals (and governments) have evolved as well and can hack into a phone, steal personal data and money, read text messages, and even eavesdrop on calls. In the news headlines, there are often reports of security breaches of smartphone owners, which means that you need to take care of the security of your data.

Below you will find a list of Android applications that will be useful to ensure the safety of your stay on the Internet and the protection of personal data. We strongly recommend that you download the applications you need only from an official source, and best if it is the Google Play Store.

Voice Calls and Messaging

Applications that use end-to-end encryption provide the highest level of confidentiality since sent messages are available only to the sender and recipient. Here are some instant messengers that offer the maximum level of protection for your correspondence and data transfer.


Telegram is probably the most secure free instant messengers for smartphones and PCs that allows you to exchange not only text messages, but also various media files. To protect against surveillance, Telegram uses its own protocol development – the cryptographic protocol MTProto. If you want to completely protect yourself, you can use the Secret Chat function. Installation, registration, use, like all other Telegram functions, are free.

Signal Private Messenger

Signal Private Messenger gives users the ability to exchange messages, files, and make calls. Its distinguishing feature is open source code and unprecedented message confidentiality through an advanced encryption protocol. It does not store data that could be transferred to someone, and even developers cannot get access to the correspondence of users.

Wickr Me

Wickr Me Secure Messenger is a secure instant messenger. With it, you can send various kinds of messages that are encrypted using AES 256, ECDH 521, and RSA 4096 TLS. Wickr does not require the user to enter personal information and does not store information about the time and place of sending the message. You will be able to determine who will be able to read your messages and amount of time to read.


ProtonMail is an open-source secure webmail service that can be a good choice for those who have reason to fear the surveillance and interception of their mail. It quickly encrypts messages between users and allows you to send encrypted messages to users of other systems. ProtonMail allows you to specify the lifetime of the message, after which the message will be automatically deleted. Its servers are located in Switzerland where personal data is protected by law.

Silent phone

Silent Phone is an application for making secure calls and transferring data from client to client in encrypted form, which uses the peer-to-peer principle. Thanks to this, it is practically impossible to intercept information or decrypt it. A paid subscription allows users to carry out unlimited messaging and calls.

VPNs and Browsers

Use the following tools to protect personal data on the Internet:


DDG is a hybrid search engine that features precise search, minimal advertising, no search spam, and no accounts. The search engine does not track or save the history and other data of its users. In the DDG settings, you can change many parameters such as turn off the display of ads, set the region, enable HTTPS and others.

TOR Browser

TOR ensures the privacy of users on the Internet by routing their traffic over a distributed network supported by volunteers around the world. External observers will not be able to find out what websites you visited to find out your location and other information. In addition, you can access any blocked web resources.

Ghostery Privacy Browser

Ghostery is an Android browser that has all the features to protect users who value their privacy. It detects and blocks scripts and pop-ups from ad networks that monitor your online activity.

Adblock browser

Adblock Browser for Android is an Internet browser that blocks annoying ads, tracking scripts and ensures the confidentiality of personal data. The browser has a built-in Adblock Plus ad blocker that blocks ad banners, pop-ups, tracking trackers and speeds up page loading.

Avira Phantom VPN

This application is designed to protect your confidential information by encrypting the connection and hiding your real IP address. Avira Phantom VPN has servers located around the world that allows you to bypass geolocation and gain access to any web resources. In addition, the use of a VPN allows you to use public Wi-Fi without the threat of losing personal data.

Files and Applications

Some files and applications on your smartphone need additional protection and safety.

SpiderOak ONE

Cloud backup services are a useful tool for the preservation of personal data, but at the same time, they are subject to hacking. In this case, there is a risk that all data stored in the cloud could fall into the hands of attackers. 

SpiderOak ONE is committed to the security and privacy of its users. The application differs from others in that it encrypts information and does not have access to encrypted user data. The service is available free for 21 days.


AppLock is an application that hides and protects installed applications, files, or icons with a password. The user can deny access to others for their favorite file types, messages, or system settings. The main advantage of AppLock is that it cannot be deleted without a special password. Moreover, you can even hide the program icon itself. In addition, you can block incoming and outgoing calls, as well as block access to purchases on Google Play.

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