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The Best Free Games of 2021 You Absolutely Should Try

The most popular free games give players hundreds of hours of gaming experience without costing anything, and some paid content for hardcore fans. The best free-to-play games, including free FPS and MMORPGs, have been picked up and mentioned in this list. There’s something for everyone with everything from genre-bending games like Frog Fractions to aerial warfighters including War Thunder. 

Call of Duty: Warzone 

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Warzone is not the first venture of Call of Duty in the royal genre of the battle, but the best.  Activision left the Call of Duty: Blackout royal battle duties, which would become a competent royale battle game if the $60 paywall was not hidden in Black Ops 4. Warzone is not just a decent battle royale game; it’s also an unlimited-to-play and multiplatform game. 

These two factors are what sells Warzone. The game works like an upgrade of Modern Warfare in 2019 using the same great engine and configuration. You can install Warzone and enjoy with your mates whatever the machine they are on, as long as you have a PC and Xbox One or PS4. 


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Warframe is one of the most impressive action games available now and can be played on all consoles and on your PC combining Mass Effect and Halo futuristic science fiction aesthetics with slick, martial arts-inspired combat. It was released in 2013 and has only seen its player-base expand substantially in the last few years — more than 26 million players have played it so far. 

Warframe also provides a remarkable range of customizable features, which allow you to change your weaponry and “Warframe” exo-armour, thus making you better cater your equipment for your particular playing style. You also have access to your own spacecraft, which you can use between missions to form your base. 

PUBG Mobile 

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The PlayerUnknown’s Xbox One and PC versions are not free-to-play, but PUBG Mobile is a perfect option if you wish to have some strategic royal action on the go and are not a fan of Fortnite. The game is based on the PC and includes touch controls so that you can still target the sights of your weapon, loot houses, drive around the giant map, and whack people with a pot. A simple virtual stick lock can basically “set and forget it” over long distances, and your squad-based games also provide voice chat support, so that you can coordinate with your fellow players before going to the attack. 

PUBG Mobile is also not a steeply built cash in. The game was designed for mobile devices operating on a framerate which is always despicable for Xbox One. 

Fortnite: Battle Royale

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Fortnite: Battle Royale, a free player-to-player zombie defence shooter, is coming in the footsteps of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Like PUBG, the goal of Fortnite is to battle the other players in the game and to be the last player. But the cartoonish use of shooting mechanics from Fortnite means you can easily find an alternative like PUBG shooter. 

You may create walls, structures and objects to battle or to make yourself susceptible to embushing. However, the inclusion of your own battlefield and fortifications will drastically change the last players’ rules. 

League of Legends

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Without the League of Legends, no free playlist will be complete. When it first landed on PC in 2009, the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) was no less innovative and has improved in the years since its initial release. The game is free for a limited number of heroes, known as champions, and more can be bought with real money or “IP” obtained from usual playing. 

Dota 2

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Although the League of Legends and Blizzard’s Storm Heroes are harder to understand, the Dota 2 players do not accept a workaround. In Dota 2, all 119 Heroes, including the Earth Spirit melee, resembling a strange combination between the Iron Giant and the Incredible Hulk, and the Invoker, which looks identical to the elves seen in the Warcraft Franchise, is available for free. The best part of the game is the enormous international competitive championship, where players are competing for millions of dollars in award money. Well, if you’ve been playing the game all your life, you’re going to win it. 

DC Universe Online

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DC Universe Online has allowed players to create their own DC superheroes in the game since 2011. DC Universe Online features a series of quests through Metropolis and Gotham City, an MMORPG that quickly changed its subscription model to play for free. 

Quick combat, interesting end-of-the-game raids and unexpectedly enjoyable PvP matches offer a varied experience. DC Universe Online also provides regular updates in addition to frequent quests and new storylines. If you are a superhero fan, it sure is worth checking at PS4, Xbox One or PC. 

Call of Duty: Mobile

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We did not believe that a mobile Call of Duty game would be worth playing, but we were ready to try Call of Duty, mobile from Activision and Tencent after the success of games such as PUBG Mobile. We’re happy we did because it’s one of the best first-person shooters we’ve ever played on a smartphone, and maybe even better than some of the PC and console games in the series. 

What makes Call of Duty most surprising: Guns are just how great they sound. It feels great to pull down a series of foes using your well-earned killing streak to drop a turret or send a plunging missile to Earth. 

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Counter-Strike: Global offensive was the first real counter-strike game. Both CS 1.6 and Source are fine, but the Global Offensive is the game that has remained. From gunplay to map designs everything about CS: GO is tight. It is a competitive shooter and although Valve has sold it for a long time for a mere $14.99, It can now be played entirely freely. 

Unlike most other free-to-play games, there is absolutely no benefit to investing money in CS: GO. If you are decent enough, you can play ranked matches with level playing fields as often as you want. This is an achievement in the world of free games.

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