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Nintendo Switch: Top Free Games to Download

The Nintendo Switch provides an unmatched gameplay experience, enabling you to play games small and big no matter whether you’re on the sofa or on the go. That being said, the top Nintendo Switch games hardly offer a discount, even though you’re actively searching for the best Nintendo Switch discounts. Fortunately, there’s a massive list of free games free to play. 

We’ve listed the top free Nintendo Switch games, from Switch Online exclusives like Super Mario 35 and Tetris 99 to third-party sensations like Dauntless and Fortnite.   Since we confined our list of games to titles with ethical monetization activities, all of our selections have microtransactions in one way or another. 


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Warframe isn’t another one of the top free Nintendo Switch games; it’s one of the top free games in general. The game single-handedly showed that free-to-play games must arrive with AAA consistency and a load of free content, creating the very same business model that other entries on this article adopt. 

The game works like Destiny 2. In Warframe, you control one of over 30 armor units with its capabilities and personalization. You will then be able to take your character in different short quests, alone or with up to three friends. As you advance, new weapons and worlds are available, each of which offers decades of gameplay.

Tetris 99

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Nintendo Switch’s Tetris 99 is a free game. While you will need to pay for a membership of Nintendo Switch Online, the game can be downloaded free. As opposed to a classic Tetris game, 99 players in a royal war are opposed to the other 99. You send junk – incomplete line-to your opponents, fill out their board and probably return them to the main menu to begin a new game when a double, triple or Tetris occurs.

There’s something primal and fierce about going head to head with other Tetris matches. Fortunately, if you want a relaxed experience, you have a big block DLC available, too. It will be worth $10, but given that the base game is free.


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Fortnite could be the best game in the world, and it’s free on just about any device, along with the Switch. You can quickly connect your accounts in-game, enabling you to bring over your progress from PS4, PC or Xbox One.  Battle Royale and Creative modes are accessible on Switch, but Save the World is not. 

While you’ll need a connection to the internet to play Fortnite, you don’t need Nintendo Switch Online. Fortnite is one of the very few exceptions to Nintendo’s paid subscription. 

Super Mario 35

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Tetris 99 is practically Super Mario 35, now with its original Super Mario Bros. You are playing in a crazy rush as one of 35 players to complete a Super Mario Bros. Super Mario 35 is, however, like Tetris 99, a royal fighting game. Although it uses the level of Super Mario Bros., gameplay differences exist. For example, your timer represents seconds in real life and does not allow you enough time to complete the stage. To gain more time, you need to beat enemies.

When you derail an opponent, you will send them to the stage of an opponent and even their opponents will send to your stage their defeated enemies. Your work in the Super Mario Bros. is simply to live, through the initial stages until you are the last one. For all Nintendo Switch Owners, Super Mario 35 is free, but interestingly enough, Nintendo only plans to offer it until 31 March 2021.

Fallout Shelter 

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Fallout Shelter emerged out of nowhere, revealed and released throughout a Bethesda E3 press conference in 2015. Originally only released for iOS users, the game has now been adapted to Android, Windows, PS4, Xbox One, and, most noticeably, Switch. You can build and manage your Fallout vault, regardless if you’re on a TV or on the go. 

Fallout shelter focuses on what happens inside rather than focusing on the dangerous nuclear wasteland outside the vault. In the game, you’re the head of a vault that is responsible for managing your population and creating new rooms. The game has surprising depth although the setup is similar to “Idle” games such as AdVenture Capitalist. 

Asphalt 9: Legends

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Gameloft is a significant producer of smartphone games that produce games for Disney, Lego, Sega, and many others. Asphalt, a series of realistic competition games since 2004, is one of their original IPs. Asphalt 9 is their latest release of mobile games. The graphics are even more room to shine with the hardware of the Switch. 

Asphalt 9 is just a competitive game, but still a capable one, with its stellar graphics. Eighty-four cars with different classes are available. Players begin with Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X at a low level and can obtain new designs by playing. You can also update your car’s stats if you’d like to throw some money into the game. 

Pokémon Quest

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Pokémone Quest, like Super Kirby Clash, is just another Nintendo “free-to-start” game. The game takes place on the Island of Tumblecube, where all the Pokémon models are cubed. On your adventure through Tumblecube Island, you can pick up loot and power stones to level your Pokémon up with your three Pokémon. 

Contrary to Pokémon mainline games, Quest is an action RPG. Battles occur in real-time and more focus is put on loot collection. While far from being a JRPG formula set by other Pokémon games, Quest is still a fun-filled, multi-tones RPG action. 

DC Universe Online

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DC Universe Online was launched for Windows and PS3 for a long time in 2011. The Xbox One, PS4 and of course the Nintendo Switch have been conveyed since then. It is a free MMO action game to take over lead characters in the DC universe. 

However, it’s a little generous to call the game “free.” While it’s free to download and open, DC Universe Online keeps thrown paywalls. The game has a lot of content, and its support spans almost nine years. Nevertheless, to get the best out of the DC Universe Online, you will have to purchase this material or pay for a subscription.

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