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New MacBook Pro Will No Longer Have Dongle Headache

According to recent news, Apple plans to fix MacBook Pro’s dependency on dongles and adapters by introducing more ports to the 2021 MacBook Pro versions.

Older versions have ethernet and an audio socket, and previous MacBook Pros had regular USB 3 ports, HDMI and an SD card reader. With the redesign of the MacBook Pro 2016, Apple cut all previous ports except the headphone jack and provided only several USB-C ports. Five years later, Apple now seems to be backtracking the decision and is looking to add some more ports to the MacBook Pro.

An analyst Ming-Chi Kuo showed that the current 2021 MacBook Pros, as shown by MacRumors, “are packed with more forms of I/O, and most consumers will not have to buy additional dongles.” Since MacBook’s 12-inch launch in 2015, with just one USB-C port, several users have complained about several Mac-based dongles and adapters.

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Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has reiterated Kuo’s statement, which describes that 2021 MacBook Pros will feature an SD card reader return. The SD card reader was important for crucial components of the MacBook Pro user base, such as technical photographers and video makers who in recent years had to use the adapters.

Kuo expects new MacBook Pros 14 and 16 inches to launch in the third quarter of 2021 beginning at the end of June.

Apple silicon chips, a higher-contrast, and iPhone 12-styled interface are supposed to be available in the latest versions, but Apple is also replacing Touch Bar and MagSafe in other areas with the return of physical button keys. See our guide “Everything We Know” for more about 2021 MacBook Pro versions.

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