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How To Restore a Hacked WhatsApp Account on Android?

WhatsApp Messenger is appreciated for messaging, making calls, and during covid. Instant messaging, as well as audio and video communication, simplifies communication with loved ones. It can even replace face-to-face meetings. But sometimes, this happens when you find out that your personal messenger is no longer personal because you have been hacked. You will learn how to recover a hacked WhatsApp account in the next few minutes.

Before we go into how to restore a hijacked WhatsApp account, we should clarify that there are two types of persons in this situation. Those who never enabled two-factor authentication and hence do not have the six-digit WhatsApp activation code. The second category includes people who put it up but then inadvertently disclosed it to scammers, only to discover afterward that their account had been hacked.

There are methods for both groups of users to do in order to restore a hijacked WhatsApp account, but here’s a word of caution. Fraudsters will use whatever means possible to get sensitive information, such as your six-digit WhatsApp activation code or an OTP given to your cell phone number. Regardless of the cause, if an OTP that you did not request is delivered to your device, delete it immediately and do not disclose it to anybody.

If the fraudster gains access to your account from another device, they will be unable to read prior WhatsApp conversations due to end-to-end encryption, but they will be able to begin new chats. Fraudsters may go so far as to scam your friends and acquaintances under your name, in addition to collecting vital information when conversing with your connections.

How can I regain access to a compromised WhatsApp account?

Take these procedures as soon as you realize someone else is accessing your WhatsApp account. This occurs when your contacts begin to receive WhatsApp messages from you that you did not send, or when you see status updates and postings in WhatsApp groups that you did not make. This does not apply to phones that have been stolen or lost.

Someone else might be utilizing your decision from a desktop or WhatsApp Web that you were previously linked to. You must first undo this to ensure that you are not dealing with a hacker situation.

  • Launch WhatsApp > Tap the three vertical dots beside the search box at the top right > Go to WhatsApp web > Log out of every device.

If you discover that no device is linked and you still have the same problem, then follow the instructions below to restore a hijacked WhatsApp account.

  • Log out of WhatsApp Messenger and re-enter your phone number.
  • Sms will be delivered to your phone number with a six-digit code. Enter the code here.
  • This quickly lets you into your account and automatically logs out the hacker.
  • If you are requested to enter a two-step verification code despite not having set one up, it signifies that the person using your account has activated a two-step verification code. Because you don’t have the code, you’ll have to wait another 7 days before you can login in without the two-step verification code.
  • Remember how the hacker was logged out as soon as you entered the 6-digit SMS code? So don’t be concerned. During this time, the hacker is unable to communicate with your contacts and is unable to get access to your WhatsApp account.

Phone stolen or lost, How can I regain access to my WhatsApp account?

If your phone is lost or stolen, you must go through completely other sets of actions to retrieve your WhatsApp account. You cannot log in since you do not have access to your sim card in this scenario.

  • The first step is to notify everyone, including WhatsApp. People will be more likely to engage in fake discussions if they are aware that you no longer have authority over your account.
  • You should now contact Whatsapp by email at You can describe the situation in the email, but make sure to include “Please deactivate my account” in the subject and text body, as well as the telephone number associated with the WhatsApp account.
  • Please make sure you’re sending this email from the email address you registered for two-factor authentication. If you did not do two-factor authentication before losing or stealing your phone, you can use any of your email addresses.

After properly canceling the account, thieves will no longer be able to contact your contacts. If you still want to access all of your saved conversations and data in the cloud, you now have 30 days to restore your account. You will lose access to all of your data if you wait more than 30 days.

How can I keep my WhatsApp Messenger account safe?

How To Restore a Hacked WhatsApp Account

Because you never know what can go wrong, it’s a good idea to enable two-step verification on your WhatsApp account and supply an email address in case you forget your PIN. If you received an email requesting you to reset your 2-Step Verification PIN or registration code but did not request it, do not click the link. Someone may be attempting to gain access to your phone number using WhatsApp.

If you received a WhatsApp verification code by SMS without requesting one, it signifies that someone is attempting to enter into your WhatsApp account on purpose or by accident. Delete the message immediately and do not share the code with anybody.

Be wary of calls that want you to disclose personal information or install certain applications.

Never give out your PIN or codes to anybody. Your WhatsApp account is protected as long as the individual does not have access to your codes.

Set up a device lock code on your Android phone and be cautious about who you grant physical access to your phone because they can use WhatsApp without your consent.

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