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How to Find the Best Security and Privacy Apps for Android Devices

There is no doubt that one of the biggest advancements in technology was the creation of small pocket computers capable of immense computation and constantly connected to the world wide web. Yes, your phone is a feat of human thinking that has been never seen before the end of the twentieth century. However, our favorite devices are far from being only a bunch of positives neatly packed in a small plastic box. It is a point of vulnerability that carries a significant risk to its owner.

There are all sorts of fraudulent people out there. They all want your personal information or access to the computational power of your machines. In order to protect yourself from such dangers, you need to use a variety of means of protection. A plethora of cool apps exist. They will help you avoid various cyber threats that you may encounter when enjoying online content.

Keep your communications private

The sad part of the modern world is that no information transferred online is secure. Even the best cryptographic methods can be hacked given enough time and resources. What we all should be happy about is that it will take literally centuries for some frauds to hack into well-encrypted messages. Obviously, you should think about using a VPN to further improve the security of your device. However, there are special apps that will help you even if you are afraid of losing your data to interceptions and hacking.

– SIGNAL provides military-grade encryption that will make your messages impossible to read for any third party. It is a great app that has been developed recently and already has a lot of fans. Signal will store your messages and voicemails on your phone and help protect it from outsiders.
– TELEGRAM is an infamous app that has been on the radars of special services all over the world. Thanks to its outstanding encryption-based communication system that prevents any spying, the app has been one of the first choices for most technogeeks and, sadly, criminal elements.
– WICKR ME is another app that focuses on encrypting any data stored, sent or received by your phone through the app. You can send texts, videos, and audios as well as stickers and images. WICKR ME is, just like SIGNAL and TELEGRAM, an app that costs nothing and doesn’t even show you ads.
– PROTONMAIL is a service offering high-end encryption for emails of all sorts. Used by special forces (allegedly), military, and just people who would like to keep their data secret, this service has been around for a couple of years. For a relatively low price, it provides an excellent emailing platform.
– SILENT PHONE is a special app designed to encrypt your calls and protect any files that you may exchange through the app. A great choice for those who would like to talk in real-time without worrying that someone is eavesdropping.

Add a VPN and a secure browser to the mix

While keeping your messages and audio calls protected is good, you should also think about other means of losing your personal information. Installing a good browser with in-built protection mechanisms and getting a reliable VPN are two additional ways to further increase the security of your phone.

– TOR is a famous browser used by all who appreciate privacy when browsing. While it doesn’t offer protection from viruses and allows you to go anywhere you want, the browser is the most private solution available to modern internet users.
– GHOSTERY is an app that will block trackers that may record your habits and recent purchases to allow various retailers to target you with ads. 
– NORDVPN is a VPN service that has been quite popular recently. The platform can be purchased for a low price (about $10 per month). There is a 30-day money-back guarantee. 
– AVIRA PHANTOM VPN is an alternative to NORDVPN. AVIRA offers its users up to 500MB of traffic for free and up to 1GB to registered users. It is more than enough for browsing and checking news from other countries. 

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