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How to Download Instagram Reels on your Phone

‘Can you get Instagram Reels?’ I’m very sure you came here because of that query. Yes and no, respectively. While there is no native way to download Instagram Reels videos, there are a handful of workarounds. In this post, we’ll show you how you can save and download Reels from the Instagram app for both iPhone and Android. 

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How to Download Instagram Reels

How to Download Instagram Reels on your Phone

Whether you wish to save Instagram Reels to the gallery for offline use or save them solely on Instagram, all techniques are addressed here.

1. Get Reels With Stories

How to Download Instagram Reels on your Phone

This is a really helpful hack that allows you to download Reels on Instagram without third-party services. You have to add the Reel to your Story and download it without uploading it. Isn’t it mind-boggling?

The steps are outlined below.

  • Open the Reel you want to download in the Instagram app.
  • Tap the Send/Share icon, then choose Add Reel to your Story.
  • The Story preview screen will appear. Now, gently zoom the video to fill the full screen with your fingertips. 

2. Downloading Instagram Reels After They’ve Been Posted

How to Download Instagram Reels on your Phone

Follow the instructions below to get reels from your own previous Instagram posts.

  1. Launch the Instagram app, click on your account page, and select the Reel you wish to save.
  2. Display the Reel you’ve downloaded in full-screen mode.
  3. More (three dots in the lower-right corner of the screen) > Save to camera roll. If you try to save a reel that contains an audio track from Instagram’s library, a pop-up box will show asking if you want to save the Reel without the audio. To confirm, click the download button.

3. How to Use a Telegram Bot to Download Instagram


How to Download Instagram Reels on your Phone

The Telegram bot @SaveAsBot may be used to download Instagram videos, including reels. If you’re using Telegram, open it and look for the bot.

Simply paste the URL of the Reelo you wish to save into your conversation with the bot. Both Android and iPhone versions of the SaveAsBot are available.

4. Making Use of Online Resources

How to Download Instagram Reels on your Phone

If the preceding solutions do not meet your needs or you continue to see the Reel emblem on your videos, you may also download Instagram Reels using internet tools. You may use these tools to download Reels’ video without putting a watermark. Simply copy and paste the Reel URL into the web tool, then select the Download option. That is all there is to it. The video will be downloaded in its original quality and audio to your phone or computer right away.

Here are a few websites where you may get Instagram Reel videos:

Downloading an Instagram Reel on Android

How to Download Instagram Reels on your Phone

There are two methods for downloading an Instagram reel on your Android device without sacrificing audio or clarity.

One method is to use your smartphone’s screen recording capability. Launch Control Center by swiping down on your smartphone to do so on Android. Choose Screen recording from the list of possibilities.

Then, open the Instagram clip you want to preserve and begin recording on your smartphone. 

Use another app that lets you store as many reels on your phone as you want. This app is one of the best for downloading Instagram videos to your Android phone. Getting it from the Google Play Store is the best way to do this.

Simply copy the Reel’s link and put it into the Video Downloader for the Instagram app to download an Instagram reel.

Downloading an Instagram Reel on an iPhone

How to Download Instagram Reels on your Phone

You may also utilize the iPhone’s screen recording feature to download Instagram videos. When you slide down on your phone, you’ll discover the function in the Control Center.

You might utilize the InSaver: Repost for the Instagram app if you wish to employ third-partReel’sware to download Instagram video content. It may be downloaded for free from the App Store.

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