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How to Disable Push Notifications on Your Android Phone (You Know Why)

What is a push notification?

These are the constant messages you get on your phone that inform you about a new text, sale, and lots of other things. Some push notifications are important (for example, you don’t want to miss out on an email from your boss) but the sad truth is that you might not see the essential stuff because of the useless notifications that are just pushy, as the name suggests, and they bring you nothing but irritation. If you’ve had enough of annoying useless notifications, we’re ready to help you out!

There are several ways to solve your problem.

1. Do Not Disturb mode

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This mode prevents all Android Notifications, including push notifications, which is why it keeps your phone silent during inconvenient times, for example, while you’re sleeping or in a work meeting (or both).

Open the Quick settings menu by pulling down the top of the home screen => Push the Do Not Disturb button.

There’s a possibility to set preferences in the Do Not Disturb mode in case you want to let calls and texts trough. For this, tap the Settings button => Sound => Do Not Disturb => and finally Priority only allows.

There you’ll be able to select your options. For example, you can choose this “priority only” category to include calls, texts coming from your contacts or repeat callers (those who call 2 times within 15 minutes), etc.

2.Enabling Priority Mode

You can choose people or apps you want to get  push notifications from in Priority mode. You can do so by pulling down the Quick settings menu again, then click on Do Not Disturb, then turn on Priority only.

3 Do Not Disturb options in Android:

  • Priority only: this option blocks some calls, texts and app alerts.
  • Alarms only: this one stops all notifications with an exception of the alarm clock.
  • Total silence: you can use it if you want to stop all alerts altogether.

And if you want to stop the lock screen lighting up because of push notification, here’s what you can do:

Go to the Settings => Display => toggle off Ambient display


Go to the Settings => Sound => Do Not Disturb => Block visual disturbances

3.Preventing notifications from particular apps

Mike Zoldan | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

In case you want to block notifications from certain apps, you can use one of these methods.

Settings => Notifications

Select the app you want to stop getting alerts from and click Block all.

The second way to do the same is to long-press a notification from it when it appears. Then you’ll see the option to stop all such notifications.

4. Disabling the notification light

Settings => Notifications => find the Pulse notification light and  switch it off.

Hopefully, you find these instructions helpful and appreciate your new, quieter, and less disturbing phone.

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