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How to Clear Your History in Popular Web Browsers

Your device monitors your activity. All your navigation to websites, online videos viewed, and downloaded files will be saved as history in the web browser you are using. 

First, this is done for convenience, so that at any time you can find the necessary page that you visited earlier. However, for privacy reasons, you may need to clear your browsing history. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with our guide to clearing history in popular browsers.

1. Clear history in Safari for macOS Sierra and OS X. With a few clicks of the Safari browser, you can delete cookies, searches, website data, and other web histories for OS X and macOS Sierra. History is deleted at several levels with four possible parameters. In our quick guide, you will learn how to clear your Safari history quickly and easily.

2.See how to clear history in Safari for iPad and other versions.

3.Clear history in Mozilla Firefox. Mozilla, the developer of Firefox, values users’ privacy on the Internet. The Firefox browser provides the ability to delete your browsing history permanently, downloaded files and cookies using the privacy settings.

4.Clear history in Chrome browser. The Google Chrome browser for all operating systems provides the ability to delete data that is generated by the browser itself and that downloaded from the Internet. This includes deleting your internet traffic history, cache, cookies, as well as a file download history and browser elements.

– See how to clear your Google Chrome History for iOS 
– Reset your Chromebook.

5.Clear history in Microsoft Edge. When working in the Microsoft Edge browser, it may be necessary to delete the list of the browsing history of pages and websites. Deleting the Edge browser log is one of the available functions that is carried out in just a few clicks of the mouse.

6.How to clear history in the Dolphin browser for iOS. Clearing the history in the Dolphin browser for devices on the iOS operating system can occur in two ways. You can separately delete only history logs, cookies, cache and more, or you can delete them all at once with the touch of a finger.

7.Clear the history in Internet Explorer 11. You can delete the browsing history of sites in Internet Explorer in several ways, using the browser itself and using the operating system settings. Users can configure the browser to delete history automatically upon closing. Read our detailed instructions for deleting Internet Explorer 11 history.

8.Instructions for clearing history in later versions of Internet Explorer.

– How to clear history in Internet Explorer 7
– How to clear history in Internet Explorer 8
– How to clear history in Internet Explorer 9

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