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How to Change the Search Engine Used by Safari by Default

Safari is certainly a commonly used browser for MAC owners. Apple’s flagship browser is functional and performs well. However, its default settings are far from what you may expect if you are a relatively new Apple device user. If you moved from using Google’s or Microsoft’s browsers, you may want to change the search engine used by Safari. 

There are several widely used web search services. While many others exist, the big four is comprised of Google, Yahoo, Bing, and DuckDuckGo. There are also regional search engines that are widely used in specific regions of the world. For example, the whole CIS region prefers using Yandex and Chinese speakers use Baidu.

So what can you do to change the default search engine for Safari?

Mike Zoldan | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

Let’s make some changes

1. First, go to Settings on your iOS-powered device.
2. There is a whole submenu section dedicated to Safari. Tap on it.
3. Search for the option labeled “Search Engine” below.
4. Choose one of four suggested options in the next part of the menu.

Mike Zoldan | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

Adjusting search settings

There are several important search engine options that can significantly alter what you receive on the results page. These options are grouped under the Search section:
– Suggestions basically try to predict your search query based on the data provided by the engine.
– Suggestions from Safari will incorporate data from Apple-owned apps and services in your search results and suggest possible inputs.
– A quick search will allow you to save time during searches related to a single website and will make it quicker to obtain specific data from such websites.
– Preloading results is a useful feature when you want to see results as you type in the query. The process will prioritize previous inputs and recently visited websites.

There are also other settings that you can use to alter your browsing experience:

– Turn off pop-ups, cookies, and ads;
– Allow the browser to redirect you to frequently websites;
– Allow Safari to store your information for quick auto-filling;
– Prevent websites from tracking your data and position;
– Remove history and files stored to improve accessing certain sites.

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