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How to Block Ads on Your Apple Device

Some companies go out of their way to create funny, memorable, and often even touching commercials that are a joy to watch. However, ALL other ads that are plaguing our apps and browsers may disappear tomorrow and people would be just happier. Owners of Apple devices have some protection from annoying online ads that may pop-up in your browser. However, there are apps like Facebook and Twitter that can have a lot of problematic commercials.

What can you do to prevent this?

The first thing you need to do is to go to the AppStore and search for Ad Blocker. A program like AdBlocker Plus may look like a premium version but we suggest you purchase a cheap app like 1Blocker. The issue here is that AdBlocker Plus is free and may look like a preferable option but it still allows some ads to slip through since they are partnered with so-called trusted advertisers. The vast majority of commercials will be blocked, but some are still shown to users.

1Blocker is a better option since you will block all potentially harmful ads. The app even scans for banners, pop-ups and such like in the comments, on social media platforms, and in all other possible places. These measures help to prevent ads from appearing in front of your very eyes and also speed up the performance of the browser as it has less stuff to load.

Another interesting app that may catch your attention is AdGuard which is also an app with similar functionality and low price. In both apps, you can create whitelists to specify websites that you yourself consider trustworthy and deserving support. 

Choosing an appropriate app is quite simple. Look for high-rated apps that promise to remove all ads and that come at a relatively low price. Do not install completely free apps. The developers have to make money somehow and the releasing process in AppStore is quite slow and challenging. Free stuff always comes with some caveats.

Now, turn on the blocker

In the vast majority of cases, you will need to manually enable ad-blocking since many apps require access to usually restricted information or core functionality of your browser. Go to settings of the Apple device and search for “Safari”. In the block section called Content Blockers, move the switch to the highlighted position.

Add your favorite websites to the whitelist

Some websites are different from others. If you want to support your favorite content creators or need to get through a warning that asks you to turn off the AdBlocker (Forbes does this), the best way to do it conveniently is to add these websites to the whitelist of the content blocker. To add a website to the list of trusted sites, share the webpage using the “Share” button.

Look for the “More” button in the list of available options. Search for the content blocker that you installed on your device! Voila, you can now use the website and it won’t be affected by the AdBlocker.

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