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How to Backup or Transfer WhatsApp Chat Data on a New Phone

When you upgrade to a new phone, you won’t have to stress about your whole WhatsApp conversation history disappearing. By recovering your data from Google Drive, utilizing a local backup, or using an app that allows you to move WhatsApp across phones, it is simple to migrate your WhatsApp data to a new phone. You may migrate your WhatsApp conversations, images, and videos to a new phone by following the step-by-step method we have provided below.

Transfer WhatsApp Messages from one Android smartphone to another

How to Backup or Transfer WhatsApp Chat Data on a New Phone

WhatsApp is kind enough to provide you with all of the tools you need to be able to do this task. First, you should duplicate every single one of your WhatsApp messages and transfer the copy to the new smartphone. Is it that simple? First, let’s have a look at how:

  • Launch WhatsApp on your mobile device running Android.
  • To access Settings, first hit the Menu button.
  • Select “Chats” from the list of available settings.
  • Tap Chat Backup.
  • To choose your Google Drive account or to create a new one, tap the “Account” button.
  • If you also wish to export the videos, check the “Include Videos” box.
  • Choose “Backup” to save your WhatsApp chats and media files on Google Drive.

Great! Your Google Drive now serves as a backup for the chats you’ve had on WhatsApp. The next step is to restore this backup onto your new phone.

How to restore chats from WhatsApp on a new device

How to Backup or Transfer WhatsApp Chat Data on a New Phone
  • Install WhatsApp on your brand-new Android device, then launch the application after it’s finished.
  • After reading the guidelines, select the button that says “I Agree and Continue.”
  • When prompted, please verify both your nationality and your phone number.
  • Please enter the six-digit verification code if it is requested of you.
  • Simply allow WhatsApp permission to access the backup stored on your Google Drive by tapping the Continue button.
  • You need to provide permission for WhatsApp to check for a backup in your Google Drive.
  • Select the account that stores your backups and press the button.
  • Select “Restore”
  • Tap the Next button when the process of restoring has been completed to go to the application.

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