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How to Avoid Annoying Ads when Using iPhone’s Native Browser

Safari is not the finest of browsers but it does the job and works as intended in most cases. However, ads that you are forced to watch are quite irritating. You can simply prevent the browser from downloading advertisements and malicious software. It will likely make the browser slightly faster and improve usability by a noticeable margin. To top it all off, you will use less mobile data which is definitely something important for people living in countries with greedy providers.

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Working with a Safari Content Blocker

Default blockers do not exist. You will need to download and install a third-party app that will enhance your browser. It is a good idea to carefully select the apps that you will install on your phone. 

The vast majority of popular apps that block advertisements work similarly. The app checks for potential ads and, sometimes, potentially harmful software when you go to any website. In case such content is detected, the app will block it. There are advanced apps that can also inspect cookies and prevent website owners from collecting your personal information.

Mike Zoldan | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

Installing a Blocker on your Phone

In order to install one of these apps, you will need to update the OS on your device to at least the 9th iteration of iOS. After downloading an app, you may need to manually enable it in the settings menu of the phone. Below is the list of steps you need to make in order to install a blocker like Norton Ad Blocker or something similar:

1. In the AppStore, search for an app by a keyword “adblocker”. In the list of results, choose the most appealing to your program.
2. After downloading, launch the app and follow the instructions. Most apps will require you to take additional steps.
3. Go to the settings and look for the options related to Safari. Search for a submenu called “Content Blockers” and turn it on by toggling the slider inside.

Which Ad Blocker Is the Best? 

There are many potentially great choices. Below is a short and mostly incomplete list of choices available to you in the AppStore:
– 1Blocker is a free app that has some additional paid features. The app not only blocks irritating ads but also hides other content that may annoy you.
– Crystal Adblock is a very cheap option that comes at a low price of $0.99. The app lowers the amount of mobile data you use.
– Norton’s solution is also one of the finest and most reliable choices. It is quite expensive if you want the full spectrum of features.
– Purify is a popular app that has a fair price of $1.99 and offers you a bunch of additional features like website management (choose on which sites you want to block ads) and increased browser performance.

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Block Pop-Ups on your Apple Device

While websites with ads can test your patience from time to time, intrusive notifications and strange pop-ups are even more annoying. Want to get rid of them? Below is the instruction to do so:
1. Go to settings of the iPhone.
2. Find the menu item called “Safari”.
3. Find the green slider right next to the line “Block pop-ups”.

Mike Zoldan | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

Don’t let ads ruin your web surfing experience

Ads can be embedded in the code of the webpage and it won’t load properly. However, it is a small price to pay for safety and anonymity. Ads not only slow down the surfing. They can significantly lower the performance of your browser and “eat” a lot of mobile data. To top it all off, each new ad drains the battery. While it seems like a minor annoyance at best, the effect is still noticeable.

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