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Best Websites for Free Music Downloads

While illegally downloading music may appear to be a good idea at times, finding a legal way to obtain it is far preferable.

When you illegally download songs, you are not supporting the musicians you like. However, it is much more critical that you do not jeopardize the safety of your equipment in this situation. And the reason is simple: the sites where you can acquire free music are frequently unsafe to view, let alone download anything. So, when you’re attempting to receive those enticing dree tracks, you can get some malware as a “bonus,” which you should avoid. Having said that, there are still several choices worth considering when it comes to downloading free music, and you can find them in this post. So, frugality fans, keep reading!

Archive of Free Music

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In 2009, WFMU Radio New Jersey initiated a mission to make music of all genres more accessible, which resulted in the creation of the Free Music Archive. WFMU has worked with some partners to make this website a true treasure for all music fans. There are two primary methods via which the site obtains tracks:

– It lists available songs posted by this project’s collaborators.

– Its users can save the music they’ve made to the archives.

As a result, we now have an incredible collection to peruse at our leisure. Thankfully, there are more effective ways to do it, such as listening to a specific genre or just using the search option. Furthermore, several podcasts are available and studio recordings from major radio stations such as Seattle’s KEXP.


All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

Not all SoundCloud tracks are free, but there is a sizable collection of stuff that isn’t. Various musicians will not charge you to listen to their tracks on this website. You may locate what you’re looking for in various ways, including browsing by genre, artist or simply seeing what’s trending right now. SoundCloud features a whole section dedicated to songs released under the Creative Commons license. This indicates that such tracks are royalty-free, which means anyone can utilize them without fear of a copyright claim.


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Some well-known brands, such as Imagine Dragons, got their start on ReverbNation. They made their songs available for free to the public, which helped them build a fan base. On ReverbNation, you may find a wide range of genres. However, it is reasonable to assume that pop, hip-hop, and alternative music are the most popular here (I mean, where does it not). ReverbNation has a sizable user base: over 4 million people, including musicians, labels, and users, are registered. Of course, it has a large number of tracks. It’s also entertaining to look at new musicians and try to predict who will become famous next.


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Given the magnitude of this retailer’s website, one would not expect to receive something for free. And it’s incredible, but Amazon does give tens of thousands of free music. You might spend hours scrolling through tracks by indie artists, classical musicians, and well-known hits. Don’t be put off by the checkout process; if the music you choose is free, you won’t have to pay for anything in your shopping basket!


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Hip-hop enthusiasts of DatPiff, rejoice! Rap has recently evolved into an effective outlet for free music, primarily in the form of mixtapes. A portion of the creators here are new and aspiring to fame, and others are already well-known and want to reward their devoted followers by providing them with free music. The website is also well-known for its frequent offering of free tracks by famous artists such as Future and Drake. As if that weren’t enough, DatPiff has a player that allows you to listen to music before downloading it.

Archive of Live Music

All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

Live Music Archive is the product of a collaboration between the Internet Archive and They are attempting to make high-quality renditions of live musical performances. They provide a plethora of concert recordings to choose from, including some trendy bands and musicians from various genres.

Browsing through all of this information can be exhausting, but you can filter the results to make it easier. When you come across a performance that you enjoy, you may stream it or even download the music and listen to them anytime you want. The main disadvantage is that live concert recordings are not always high-quality, so double-check everything before downloading in bulk.

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