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Best Sites to Download and Listen to Audiobooks

Audiobooks are ideal if you don’t have enough time in your day to day life to just sit and read an actual book. You can enjoy different stories while you’re commuting, traveling solo, doing housework or a monotonous task at work that doesn’t require your full attention. Also, this way, your eyes are left alone at once. Finally, some people prefer to get information by listening to it, it’s more efficient for them. We could probably find many other reasons to love audiobooks, the bottom line is, lots of us love them.

That’s why we’ve prepared a list of great and totally legit websites where you can download audiobooks for free.

Open Culture

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Open Culture is a great way to explore all sorts of content connected to education and culture through media. This platform collects items from lots of different sites and now has a significant audiobook compilation.

You can mostly find classic literature here, and then listen to the audiobooks there or download them.


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Lit2Go is also a great source of audiobooks that are completely free. It has a wide selection of stories and poems you can download. On their homepage, you can find a search bar, and all books have beautiful black-and-white artworks.

Finding the book you’re interested in is very easy; search by the title, author, genre, etc.


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Podiobooks in the past, and now Scribl offers great and unusual audiobooks you can find on the web, and many of them are relatively new. You have to pay for lots of items, but they also include completely free ebooks, audiobooks, and podcasts.

Loyal Books

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Loyal Books is a site for the whole family to enjoy—the site suits all classic literature lovers. The collection they offer, interestingly enough, includes novels as well as short stories in several languages. Loyal Books offer such formats as MP3, MP4, a podcast, and RSS feed. It’s possible to stream book chapters, too.

The audiobooks are categorized by the author, genre, popularity, and you also can use the built-in search bar.


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If you’ve already told every fairytale you know to your kids, but they want something new, use Storynory. You can choose from a wide variety of new and classic stories created especially for children. There are hundreds of audiobooks, and this number is rising, as Storynory has one or more new tales every week.

In order to listen to the stories, you can simply use your smartphone, tablet, or web browser.

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There’s an excellent idea behind OverDrive. You don’t download audiobooks directly from it, but essentially “borrow” them from your local library. The site synchronizes with a library or school which is situated near you, and then you can listen to their audiobooks for free! The thing is that to have access, you have to have a valid library card or school ID.

The variety of available audiobooks is different depending on the library, obviously, so it’s not the same everywhere.

In order to listen to the digital content, you can use Libby app or Sora (for students).

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