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Best Secure Email Service Providers in 2022

The top secure email companies make protecting your privacy and improving the security of your emails simple and uncomplicated.

Major email providers such as Google and Microsoft are unrivaled when it comes to popularity and convenience of use.

However, these services have a long way to go before they can be called “secure.” Email communication is not generally protected by end-to-end encryption and can be easily subpoenaed by government authorities in the event of a legal dispute.

There are several other privacy and security concerns to address. Third-party service providers, such as Gmail, can monitor your private emails to deliver more tailored adverts. In general, organizations like this aren’t recognized for taking the privacy of their customers seriously.

However, a number of email companies give enhanced protection in exchange for a higher premium. These service providers have much stronger privacy standards than their mainstream competitors, with rigorous protocols dictating user rights in the event of a subpoena or breach.

When looking for a safe email provider, consider data center location, end-to-end encryption, and zero-access assurance criteria. This post will look at some of the best secure email providers on the market right now, which are ideal for conducting internal corporate conversations and receiving sensitive information from other users.


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ProtonMail, which was founded in 2014 at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN), is a secure email provider with end-to-end encryption and a zero-access guarantee. The service was founded in reaction to Edward Snowden’s leaks, and its data centers are located in Switzerland in an underground bunker powerful enough to withstand a nuclear strike.

The “self-destructing” emails, which are automatically erased from the recipient’s inbox after a predetermined time period, are one of ProtonMail’s distinguishing features. Furthermore, when creating a new account, you are not required to provide any sensitive information.

The free plan has limited storage and messages, and users who want more can upgrade to one of the company’s tiered premium plans.

All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners is a secure email provider established in Germany that is dedicated to supporting business users who have a high level of security. It features a very user-friendly UI and is compatible with mobile devices and third-party clients despite being a secure email provider. includes:

  • Protected cloud storage.
  • Video conferencing tools.
  • A complete address book.
  • A calendar.
  • A task planner in addition to secure email service.

It is a complete solution for enterprises seeking an encrypted workflow alternative to Google or Microsoft.

There is no free plan. However, the three premium-category plans are all extremely reasonably priced. Secure Mail comes with 2GB of email storage, 100MB of cloud storage, three email addresses, and video conferencing. The Team Mail plan comes next, followed by the Business Mail plan.

Mail from Zoho

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Zoho Mail is a secure email hosting service with servers situated worldwide that focuses on data encryption and user-friendliness. Unlike other secure email services, it strives to strike a delicate balance between features and privacy to provide users with a pleasant experience.

Aside from the standard email service with effective spam and mail filters, Zoho Mail also includes calendar, task management, and contact portal capabilities. In terms of security, Zoho provides an encrypted environment in which data is secure, stationary or moving. The data held on its servers can still be accessed by the firm and subpoenaed by government authorities, but a strict system must be followed in both cases.

Zoho Mail offers three premium options from which to choose: Mail Lite includes 5GB of storage capacity for each user, and this is followed by Mail Premium, which gives each customer 50GB of storage space. There is also a separate subscription available for users who want access to the company’s other products, such as web-based word editing and presentation software.


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Posteo, which has data centers in Germany, is the email provider of choice for digital crusaders and activists. It does not provide end-to-end encryption in the sense that if there is a breach, third parties can read emails in plain text. However, all data on its servers, whether moving or immovable, is secure.

Furthermore, Posteo employs a technology known as DNS-based Authentication of Named Entities (DANE) to guard against hackers who attempt to impersonate the sender or the recipient to get access to sensitive information. Posteo likewise does not save any identifying data on its users and engages in frequent legal battles to protect its consumers’ privacy.


All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

PrivateMail is subject to some legal constraints because its servers are located in the United States, and it does not give the same level of privacy from law enforcement or government agencies as an email provider established in Germany or Switzerland. It does, however, provide end-to-end encryption and safe cloud storage, and it also has some quite stringent security measures in place.

PrivateMail, in addition to email services, provides an extremely secure cloud storage service that is included in all of its subscription plans. The cloud storage feature is quite strong, with options to sync files between devices and with a specific folder on your PC. There’s also an email calendar, which business users will like.

PrivateMail Standard has 10GB of email and cloud storage, but PrivateMail Pro includes 20GB of email and cloud storage. There are commercial options available for enterprise-level users that include 100GB of storage and a bespoke domain.

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