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Best ad blockers for iPhone and iPad in 2020

The growth of the global Internet audience has led to the rapid development of online advertising agencies. Advertisements often distract users by offering unneeded and unnecessary goods and services. For most Internet users, ad blocking has become commonplace and for iPhone or iPad users, ad blockers remain the best solution to get rid of annoying spam on the Internet and applications.

It is hard to determine the best and perfect ad blocker because different brands offer a variety of functions, capabilities, and individual features. However, we recommend five popular options that are well respected by iPhone or iPad users from around the world.

We have compiled for you the best ad blockers for iPad and iPhone in 2020:

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1Blocker is one of the fastest and most powerful customizable content blockers. It is able to block ads, tracking, and other annoying elements such as pop-ups, newsletter subscriptions, and cookie usage messages. The application allows you to configure user rules, block or allow the use of cookies, create a whitelist of websites for Safari and synchronize iCloud on all iOS devices.

The free version of 1Blocker will be useful for users with minimal requirements since it blocks ads and trackers. However, if you want to get the maximum benefit, then a full purchase will certainly pay off.

Mike Zoldan | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners


AdGuard for iOS protects iPhone and iPad devices from online ads. The application runs in the Safari browser, cutting advertising banners from pages of open sites. AdGuard has more than 50 filters and assists with maintaining a whitelist of websites for which blocking will be disabled. The program has many useful settings for the most demanding users.

To get the most out of AdGuard, we recommend that you purchase the paid version of the program. You will have full access to the functions of parental control, anti-tracking, firewall, blocking tracking scripts and others. AdGuard greatly saves mobile Internet traffic and speeds up page loading even with poor connection quality.

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Wipr is a simple and reliable ad blocker for iPhone and iPad, working in Safari and all applications that use Safari. It blocks pop-ups, cookie notifications, trackers and advertisements. Wipr, unlike other ad blockers, does not make money showing its user’s specific ads.

Wipr is very easy to use and has a built-in auto-update feature. However, due to its simplicity, you are not able to customize the whitelist of websites you want to maintain. Wipr does not slow down Safari, and loading web pages is significantly faster. A simple blocker may be the best solution to protect your privacy on the Internet.

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Adblock Pro

AdBlock Pro is a popular and powerful ad blocker with many additional features. The speed of browsing the web is doubled, and the data consumption at startup is halved, thereby saving battery. AdBlock Pro hides YouTube video ads in Safari, auto-play videos and protects your sensitive online data. It is also available for free use on the Apple App Store.

Additional features of AdBlock Pro include the ability for parental control, bypassing anti-lock detectors, the ability to hide the comments section, synchronize settings between devices and more. AdBlock Pro is the best solution for those users who value comfort while surfing the web and know that sometimes you have to pay for it.

Mike Zoldan | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners


Ka-Block is a fast and easy ad blocker that works through the Safari browser extension. Despite the fact that it does not ask for money at installation, Ka-Block still copes with its functions perfectly. It blocks trackers, pop-up advertisements and more. 

Ka-Block! has an open-source code and is constantly updated, so it always remains relevant and ready for new threats from the world of online advertising. Thanks to the large and thoughtful list of filters, intrusive ads will not bother you anymore.

Fortunately, you can test drive each of these products for free and see which of the 5 works best for you and your needs.

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