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8 Steps to Becoming Pretty Much Anonymous Online

In the 21st century anonymity it’s not about staying at home alone and no one will know what are you doing, it’s all about your privacy on the Internet.

1. Use app which called Signal

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The signal is really the best private encrypted messenger (yes, it’s not telegram). It is a simple messenger, the main thing about it — privacy and cryptography. His encryption is incredible, better than anything you can find. Of course, a powerful organization will know that you are using a signal, but anyway, there is nothing better and more useful for private communication than it.

2. Use Tor (pretty easy to predict)

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Tor is the most popular and most dominant browser in the world, which has really amazing resistance to metadata. Anyway, for some reason, Tor does not give you 100% anonymity as some people think, but still, it’s the best. The browser works only through TCP, and you can’t sign all the sites from Tor, because some sites blocks access. As it does not give 100% performance, it always has dual or trial use, such as VPN tunnels, but it is perfect for mobile.

3. Don’t wait anonymity from VPNs

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VPN is not anonymous. Yes, it’s true. It provides some good seasonal things, such as access to sites that are blocked in your country or any other related things, when your access is blocked, but you still need to go there. It just changes your IP address. For example, Tor spreads your traffic through tor nodes, located in different parts of the internet, VPN retranslates your traffic to their server, so your internet provider still can see what are you doing, you do not change anything on your side. And remember if VPN servers are hacked, hackers, will have all your traffic.

4. Only use zero-knowledge services, if possible

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Maybe you did not know, but all internet giants like Dropbox, Google, Office 365 can read everything you save and write, and they do that, we know that from Snowden reports, so they strongly cooperate with the FBI. Zero privacy with these services. You can encrypt everything before using these services but is easier to use zero-knowledge sites. Examples are SpiderOak(as Dropbox replacement) and Protonmail(private mails), this is no panacea, but much better.

5. Think first — post next

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This is really simple, but super important step. Everything that you ever posted can be founded and used against you. It starts from just text posts to photos, addresses, mobile phones, videos, date of birth, full name, and more and more. Want to be anonymous? — Do not post, do not use the real name, do not use real information, always control what you are while surfing on the internet.

6. Always check app permissions

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Usually, apps ask for really needed permissions, which are needed for the normal work of the app, but sometimes they use really strange things. They are always collecting information about you, to create big data collections — mostly for advertisers, but this FBI easily will get this information and any other skilled persons can get it too. It’s funny when a simple app (from the first look) asks for a microphone or your geolocation or your address book, better just do not to use these apps, it’s hard to stop all of these on IOS, so better use android.

7. Use an ad blocker

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You should use any of the ad blockers. Whenever you click on ads, they collect data about you, about your PC, browser, and other information which can be used against you, better do not give them that chance. Just download extensions, there are a lot of them. 

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8. Dump your home assistant

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Home assistants became really popular in the last few years, but the main problem about them – is they hear and collect everything you say and send it to their servers, perfect crime, isn’t it? Nothing to discuss, just use it.

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