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5 steps to keep your information safe from hackers in 2020

The main lesson which everyone learned from 2019 that hackers will find and steal your information, it’s all about time, basically everyone can be affected.

There happened a lot of big hacks impacted millions of internet users, only small percent of people who are using internet haven’t been impacted by any hacker attacks. Looking at some reports from 2019, at least 1088 thousand people were hacked, and these numbers are rising every day, more and more exposed data show up on the internet  

There are 5 simple things, which you should do to protect your family, your money, your information and you from cyber criminals.

Using password keeper extension 

A lot of people are still using super-simple passwords as “12345”, “password1”, just their name/birthday date to keep save their accounts from hack, as we can see in report from some big statistics companies. These passwords which are tiny and simple — highly increase risk to be hacked  — but it’s merely to reject that problem. If you use password keeper app it will save a bunch of profiles safety using unbreakable passes, you just need to create and memorize main password — for password keeper.

If you want to do this, simply set up any popular extension or download special app. Of course there is a small risk that exactly this password keeper will be hacked, but it’s still a lot safer than do not use it or just use simple, same passwords for all accounts, also you do not need to remember all the passes.

Use two-factor authentication everywhere you can

Always use two-factor authentication for login into websites(if this setting are eligible for these sites). This security setting checks your browser fingerprint while you are connecting into site, it creates special push notification to your telephone using SMS or special app. In addition, SMS identification, check another cool variant — thing called Yubikey, $50 flash drive that you should insert in PC or laptop to verify your identity, this is the safest method but of course you need to pay for it. 

Always change your internet-router settings

Since some high-level attacks directed on internet devices such as routers, it will be nicely to replace the standard password on all routers in your house that is using connection. Usually after you buy an internet router, it comes with a standard well-known password. First step after buying router – change it password. Anyone can find these passwords on the internet and break down into your home internet network to steal your information or just do some bad things. 

Using VPN and changing DNS 

There is a merely variant to increase your internet safety in a few seconds steps is to replace DNS address with any safer variant which you can find in the Google. You should do this using control panel menu in Windows or if you are using Mac computer check System preferences. Also, you can use some popular VPN apps to change your IP.

Blocking your credit and debit card

At this moment for majority’s of the banks it’s free service for customers to block their credit and debit cards. Sometimes you can do it easily through mobile app or personal account.

As you can understand now, it’s really simple situation these days, when company is hacked. But you should do this easy step by yourself to prevent all attempts to take your money and information, to open credit accounts.

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