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5 Best Google Chrome Adblock extensions

If you are tired of annoying ads and do not want to waste time watching them, then the best solution is to install an ad blocker. Many extensions block ads and pop-ups. We did a bit of research and picked up the best Chrome browser ad-blocking extensions in 2020.

1.uBlock Origin

uBlock Origin is a blocker of annoying ads in the Google Chrome browser. Unlike other browser extensions with the function of stopping the launch of ad units, uBlock consumes practically no system resources. At the same time, in functional quality and efficiency, uBlock Origin is not inferior to extensions that are more popular.

Additionally, uBlock Origin is free to use and is completely open-source. It allows the user to filter resources on which to block ads and edit the whitelist. In the process of its work, you can view statistics such as how many advertising banners and pop-up links are blocked on the current page.

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2.Adblock Plus

AdBlock Plus is a Chrome extension that blocks annoying ads, pre-video ads, social media ads, and pop-ups. Thanks to its user-friendly interface and customizable filter list, you can precisely determine which advertisements you want to leave and which ones you no longer want to see.

AdBlock Plus does not collect personal data, it saves traffic, controls and increases the page loading speed, ensures normal operation on the Internet. Despite criticism because of its ‘Acceptable Ads’ program, this extension continues to be in demand by Google Chrome users around the world.

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Ghostery is a free extension for Google Chrome and other browsers that protects users’ confidential data when visiting websites. It has a huge database of spy elements thanks to which it detects tricks (trackers, web bugs, pixels, and beacons) of all companies that are interested in information about your activities on the Internet.

For experienced and demanding users, Ghostery offers extensive customization options. For example, a user can block only certain types of ads or trackers. Ghostery analyzes web pages for ad trackers and allows you to remove unwanted elements.

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AdGuard is one of the most popular ad blockers in Chrome with over 5 million downloads. It effectively blocks almost all types of advertising on web pages, in streaming video, on social networks, and also blocks pop-up ads on browser background tabs.

The AdGuard Chrome extension blocks and monitors unwanted software, such as dialers, adware, and other malware. One of the main advantages of the extension is the acceleration of page loading and the saving of network bandwidth.

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5.AdBlocker Ultimate

AdBlocker Ultimate is an extension that allows you to block annoying ads on websites and prevent the monitoring of user activity. However, this is a non-profit project that relies on a donation from a client base of about 1 million users. AdBlocker Ultimate does not stand out with an impressive amount of settings, but it has a custom whitelist of domains.

AdBlocker Ultimate – a blocker that has a tough position in relation to any kind of advertising. The project does not aim at making a profit but pursues the idea of creating a safe and fast Internet. If you also share similar views, then this extension is for you.

Mike Zoldan | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

Why do I need an ad blocker and how will it protect my browser?

Websites monitor their visitors to create a profile of their interests in order to attract them with a tempting ad. These ads are often intrusive and sometimes used to spread malware. There are websites that use the visitor’s computer to mine cryptocurrency in the background. 

Ad blockers allow you to remain anonymous on the Internet and detect malicious ads and trackers thanks to the wide selection of filters.

Are there any alternatives?

There is evidence that Google is gradually introducing rules that may ultimately interfere with the work of extensions to block ads. However, Google claims that it doesn’t intend to do so. Even if you count on the worst-case scenario, a VPN with the ad-blocking function may be the best alternative to these extensions.

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