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5 Best Ad Blocker Apps for Android!

Advertising is a kind of trade engine. Sometimes advertising is informative, useful and even funny, but often its excessive presence annoys users. According to recent studies, while on numerous websites, about half of mobile traffic time is spent only on advertising. 

It brings the owners of websites and mobile applications their main source of profit. Often, for the sake of profit, they force the user to spend time viewing advertising until a video or your favorite game opens.

It can sometimes be difficult to exit the application without viewing the advertisement because the exit button is carefully hidden behind an advertising banner or video clip. Often, viewing a webpage is difficult as well since most of the screen is constantly hidden by advertising. 

The pleasure of using the Internet disappears, which prompts users to take action. In this article, we have collected the five best Android ad blockers in 2020.

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Adaway is an effective and popular mobile tool among users of android devices designed to block ads. It blocks all pop-up advertisements while browsing web pages on the device. Adaway also allows you to use host files on your phone.

Today, Adaway is one of the best applications designed to perform ad blocking. It is worth noting that the application is not available for download on Google Play. To run the program on your phone, you will need to provide root access rights.

Mike Zoldan | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

Adblock plus

AdBlock Plus is the most popular and reliable program that is designed to block ads in games, applications, and on Internet sites. This product has established itself well and is available for various operating systems. 

It also exists as an optional extension for Internet browsers. Currently, Adblock Plus is likely the most used blocker of online advertising on all systems. The application runs in the background, filters web traffic, and saves you time. This is one of the best ad blocking solutions.

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Adguard is a powerful Internet filter and ad blocker for Android smartphones and tablets. It provides the user with effective protection against malicious, phishing, and fraudulent websites. This application protects your device from worms, trojans and phishing attacks that put your personal information at risk. 

In addition, protection will continue if you connect to an unverified Wi-Fi network. Adguard allows you to speed up the loading of sites, as well as slightly increase incoming traffic by removing additional advertising elements from the download. One app protects your phone 24 hours a day.

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Ad Block Browsers

In some cases, it is enough to download a special browser that will block various banners, pictures, ads and other “garbage”. For example, Google Chrome only blocks offensive ads, while some websites continue to show you ads. In browsers like Firefox and Dolphin Browser, there is a function for setting ad blocking. Among other browsers with ad blocking that we recommend are Samsung Browser, Firefox Focus, and Brave.

Mike Zoldan | All images and videos are copyrighted to their respective owners

Block This

Block This is an open-source application that allows you to use the Internet without ad pop ups. The program works on all browsers and applications, providing additional protection for your gadget from various malicious files and hacker attacks. 

The application saves battery and is easy to use. Just run it to start the blocking process or set it to start automatically. Block This is not a bad alternative to deal with annoying advertisements.

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